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Project Description
An open-source project to build a PowerPoint toolbar add-in that will enable the user to create simple SCORM compliant packages directly from a presentation.

The focus is not on building a comprehensive SCORM authoring package but rather on providing an extremely simple solution that teachers can use with a minimal learning curve to deploy SCORM content and in particular SCORM quizzes.

The alpha release of the toolbar add-in is now available (limitations listed below).


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Some qualifications for the project's scope:

  • We will initially target and test deployment within a SharePoint Learning Kit framework in a SharePoint environment and within a Moodle environment.
  • Export will generate a simple SCORM quiz where each page is worth one mark and consists of one task, a reading or a question.
  • We will initially allow for the following content : lightly formatted text (bold, italic), images (photos/diagrams), textbox questions, radiobutton questions and checkbox (multi-select) questions
  • There will be a maximum of one question per page.
  • The mark for each question will be determined by the first attempt (and the stored result will become visible to the user and reviewer on that page).
  • The user can review (i.e. attempt again) the question after completion however this will not affect the stored result from the first attempt.
  • The exported package will be SCORM 2004 compliant.
  • The add-in will be written in VBA using "object-oriented" approaches where possible.

SCORM Package format

To define the target SCORM package format that the add-in should create we have made extensive use of "In the eye of the SCORM" by Claude Ostyn:

Please note that although this project (i.e. the toolbar add-in) is made available under the GNU GPL licence, the exported packages that are created contain a script of Claude Ostyn's that is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License so any commercial use of this program would have to replace use of that script.

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