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Problem with Source code from svn

Apr 14, 2009 at 11:44 AM
I think this addin is absolutely useful :)
I want to take a look at your source code (in VBA, right?) to improve this addin in my own way, but I had a problem with SVN. I did follow the instruction from, but I just got exactly 252 bytes (from 4 empty folders and 2 files) with no content in the hidden folder .svn
Can you help me to figure out this problem? Thanks in advance!
Apr 14, 2009 at 12:16 PM



Thanks for the message – yes I wish I had a bit more time to develop it but realistically probably won’t get a chance to take another proper look until the summer holidays.


Anyhow to answer your question : I haven’t added anything via SVN yet (I don’t really understand it properly yet to be honest).


To obtain the code:


Just download the file and then the main code is in the PowerScormAddIn.ppt – go into the VBA editor (the ppa is made from the ppt just by a simple save-as)

The PowerScormTemplates.ppt need to be kept in the same folder as the add in.

The PowerScormHelperTaggingCode.ppt and ppa is just a little add in to help me add tags to objects in the template ppt slides so that the code can detect and use the right objects from the slides when making the scorm package.


Any questions please let me know particularly if you are a whiz developer and SCORM guru who wants to help me take it to the next level!! I can gladly let you know the current gotchas/limitations from my perspective. I’m trying to achieve a really simple concept that normal teachers could interact with as part of their use of PowerPoint to create very simple SCORM quizzes/activities.




Paul Baker