PowerSCORM toolbar add-in v1.0 pre-alpha

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Released: Aug 1, 2008
Updated: Aug 1, 2008 by pdbaker
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Documentation Screenshots
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Application PowerSCORM_1_0_PreAlpha.zip
application, 218K, uploaded Aug 1, 2008 - 26 downloads
Source Code PowerSCORM_1_0_PreAlpha_Source.zip
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Release Notes

This is the first attempt at the toolbar project.

See below for the limitations of this pre-alpha release. However it is capable of producing scorm 2004 compliant packages of the type available in the example package download.

In particular it is aimed at creating simple quizzes with choice options or textbox responses.

Limitations of Pre-Alpha release

  • Error trapping structure in place but not yet fully implemented.
  • Only one acceptable answer for textbox question and case-sensitive and spacing sensitive.
  • Object settings button on toolbar not yet implemented (have to use insert... and page templates instead).
  • Inserted slides always added at end of presentation (not at current location).
  • Exported images not listed in manifest file
  • add-in not digitally signed and so macro-security level needs to be medium or lower when adding in the add-in. (although it can then be returned to a higher level).
  • relies on LMS to provide navigation inbetween pages (this may be correct and unavoidable in fact).
  • Resulting packages not yet tested on Firefox.
  • Code could do with a little tidy up (although generally fairly carefully constructed).
  • A "read" page is worth one mark which may often not want to be the case (e.g. instructions at start of quiz).
  • All text is exported as unformatted (plain text no bold/italic support etc).
  • documentation needs writing.
  • No font support for exported text so any symbols etc would usually be lost when exporting.
  • Stores SCORM interaction types as Other rather than using intended SCORM interaction types. Does not make full use of SCORM 2004 interaction type fields such as correct answer.
  • No easy way to run or test SCORM package outside of a LMS environment.

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